Literature at Issue

We fully support an individual’s freedom to read whatever book they choose. In the classroom setting, we believe educators should select age appropriate books that meet community standards criteria established by the district.


HPHS Approved Book List — a collection of works from which teachers may choose course materials. These works may or may not be currently in use.

Advanced Placement (AP) Recommended Reading List — a collection of works / authors described by the College Board as supporting Advanced Placement Literature and Advanced Placement Composition courses. These works represent an extensive collection of literature that teachers can offer to students without review and discussion through the district’s established book approval process nor requiring informed parental consent. We believe assigned selections from the AP Reading List should be evaluated through the district literature selection process prior to their use. 

Both lists are available on the HPHS English webpage.

Literature of Concern

Below is a selection of books that are either currently approved for use at HPHS / HPMS or were in use last year. Although this is not a complete list of HPISD approved books with controversial content, these books are examples of selections containing sexually explicit, vulgar and/or graphically violent passages.

Please click on a book cover to see excerpts and how these books are used in HPISD

As for the two books below that were removed in Summer 2014 from HPISD: We believe that these books expose the district's failure to uphold their selection criteria, and that history will repeat itself unless improvements are made to the process.