HPISD Criteria for Text Rationale

HPISD Criteria for Text Rationale as presented at Board of Trustee Meeting on September 9, 2014:

  • Explanation of the selection’s literary merits and instructional benefits
  • Descriptions of specific classroom activities text will generate
  • Age/ability appropriateness
  • Explanation of how text fits into the course’s philosophy and enduring understandings
  • TEKS/STAAR/HPISD curricular objectives the proposed text supports
  • Statements clarifying any potentially controversial segments (issues related to language often deemed “vulgar,” nudity, sexuality, violence) and why the text remains a suitable choice, despite being potentially controversial
  • Notations of language or scenes that might be viewed as objectionable should be highlighted in the text and indicated by page number
  • Annotated copy of the book