Girl Stolen

Scholastic Book Level: 5th grade, 0 month
Highland Park Middle School 7th Grade Summer Reading (typical age: 12)


“Her fingernails raked down his right cheek, and he could feel she had drawn blood.  Finally, he managed to straddle her and pin her arms to her sides. He was bigger than she was, and he was working on pure adrenaline.  At least she had stopped screaming.  ‘Let’s talk about this.  But you have to promise that you’ll stop trying to kill me.’” Page 7

“Desperately, he groped across the passenger seat until his fingers closed on what he needed.  Griffin pressed the barrel against her temple.” Page 10

“She did as he asked, wondering where the gun was pointing.  At her head, at her heart?  He ordered her to lie down on her side, facing the seat, then tied her hands behind her.  It would probably be easier to shoot someone in the back.”  Page 12

“He had climbed on the bed and pinned her wrists against the wall and whispered in her ear ‘Are you a virgin, Cheyenne?  Are you?  Because maybe it’s time for you to become a real woman.  Maybe you should let TJ give you a little loving before it’s too late.’

“Where you’re going you won’t be getting any loving.  They never talk about getting it on in heaven, do they, baby?  Let TJ give you a sweet memory to take to your grave.” Page 153