Further the tradition of educational excellence in HPISD as one of the finest public schools in the country.


Reestablish literary excellence in HPISD by replacing sexually explicit, vulgar and graphically violent content with age appropriate and intellectually challenging selections reflecting community standards and school conduct policies.


  • Material that is not Age Appropriate  Literary works containing explicit sex, oral sex, explicit & violent descriptions of rape, masturbation, vulgar and obscene language are on the 2014 approved reading list for grades 7-12. See more in Literature at Issue.
  • Failure to Uphold Selection Criteria  HPISD is not adhering to its literature selection process by endorsing material that is not age appropriate. The HPISD Learner of the Future Literature Selection Factors are instruction, intellectually challenging, engaging topics and community standards. See the HPHS Literature Selection Factors.
  • Insufficient Opt Out Process  The current “opt out” process is not working. Students have received unjust repercussions for their choice to opt out. See more in Improve Opting Out.
  • Policy Violations  The administration has failed to honor its literary selection process by selecting and removing literary works outside of policy guidelines.


  1. Adhere to Community Standards  HPISD will expand the literature selection process to apply community standards criteria and consider school conduct policies so that classroom materials are age appropriate.
  2. Provide Decision-Making Transparency  HPISD will be transparent in the selection and reconsideration of all reading materials.
    • Require notation for parental consent on all HPISD book lists
    • Close the loophole for assigned readings from the AP book list
    • Publish complete text rationales
    • Full disclosure of controversial material for parental consent
    • Open access and records of literature selection committees
  3. Create Balanced Literature Committees  HPISD will form literature committees to select and review literature that provide fair representation to people with diverse viewpoints.
  4. Improve Opt Out Experience  The process of opting out of objectionable books needs to be expanded to provide alternatives that do not penalize students who choose to opt out.

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Should kids be required to read books containing material that:

  • cannot be listened to in a song without an expletive labeling
  • cannot be viewed in a movie without an R or NC17 rating
  • cannot be emailed without being blocked by a filter at a Fortune 500 company
  • conflicts with district policy regarding dress and technology (which says students may not display, post or access materials that are obscene or vulgar).


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To: HPISD Board of Trustees, Dr. Dawson Orr, Mr. Walter Kelly

Thank you for your service to our schools. As a partner in our local public education, I want to express my commitment to continuing the tradition of educational excellence in HPISD.

As such, I support replacing sexually explicit, vulgar, and graphically violent literature as approved reading for students with age appropriate and intellectually challenging selections reflecting community standards and school conduct policies.


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